First, the degree of white flowers on the quartz glass can be judged

The degree of flowers to judge the life of the bulb, and can not be particularly trusted. First of all, the projector bulb has a protective cover to prevent the bulb from exploding and destroying the inner lens. You take out the projection bulb every 1000 hours.

Two, the glass column in the projection bulb can be judged

The glass column in the projection bulb is bulging, indicating that the use time is too long, and the service life almost reaches the condition of replacement. A projector like this changes the bulb.

Three, the projector light bulb can be judged

Dim the light bulb. See how long it's been there. Dust again to see the effect, if the effect still does not improve the brightness, it is necessary to change the lamp.

A good projection lamp supplier is very important