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No wear and tear from foot or vehicle traffic.Stands up to the various situation

  • Rugged Condition

Use in wet cold or wet condition environment where pained or adhesive signage can be worn off.

  • High traffic and high-risk area

Increase safety with projected signage that withstands both foot and vehicle traffic.

Increase awareness with blinking or rotating signs

  • Low Light environment

Ensure maximum safety throughout your space with projected signage that’s highly visible in both bright and low-light environments.


If you have your own monogram design and would like to upload the artwork file, please order here, and send your artwork to support@instagobo.com



    Turnaround Time Step1-Design Step2-Production Step3-Shipping
    (business days) (business days) (business days)
    One-Color confirm design 1-2 3-5
    Two-Colors confirm design 2-3 3-5
    Three-Colors confirm design 3-5 3-5
    Full-Colors confirm design 3-5 3-5
    • The preferred carrier is DHL Express.
    • The turnaround time reference form is based on the United State. For other regions, please contact support@instagobo.com.



    Size Outer diameter Image diameter
    A size 100 mm 58 mm
    B size 86 mm 60 mm
    D size 53.3 mm 43 mm
    E size 37.5 mm 28 mm
    G size 51.8 mm 43 mm
    M size 66 mm 43 mm
    V size 22.5 mm  22 mm


    • Instagobo.com can manufacture gobo to any size specification.
    • Instagobo standard size: size E
    • When placing an order a gobo slide, please provide us with the brand and model of the projector utilized. You may also provide us with the diameter of the gobo and the diameter of the image field.



    The design with the black background you would not see the black color part and only the logo will appear when projecting.


    Effect Reference:



    We usually match the colors of your artwork with the colors of our Standard Color Palette. Shown here are the colors as Instagbo print equivalents so they can be compared in color books. Gobos are manufactured in an entirely different process from print but we believe this is the easiest way to make color references.
    We are able to make virtually any color, but we cannot guarantee the exact match of your colors in the resulting projection due to variations in the fixtures and projection surface. The color of a projected image will always vary from the print color as there is only limited control over the projection environment. The resulting projection color is influenced by factors such as ambient light situation, projection surface color and materials, and color temperature of the light bulb.

    * Full-color gobo is not limited in this palette

    Instagobo standard color palette


    Shipping Policy


    Please note that Instagobo.com reserves the right to cancel any order due to stock availability or information errors. If you require assistance or have any questions, please call us at (+1)4847138102 or email us at support@instagobo.com

    • General Policies

    Free shipping for products below 6kg. Over 6kg requires additional shipping charges.

    Instagobo.com will not be responsible for damage during shipment. The customer must inspect the package for signs of tampering or physical damage before accepting delivery. Once the package is accepted, and there is damage to the product(s), the customer will be responsible for filing a claim with DHL or other carriers, and will be responsible for any charges that may occur in getting a replacement or refund, such as shipping costs. Instagobo.com will provide necessary assistance as required.

    • Shipping Methods

    All orders are shipped by either DHL, UPS or FedEx. You may indicate your preference via email or phone. However, Instagobo.com reserves the right to select the carrier of its choice. All appropriate packaging materials are used to meet the shipping requirements of the carriers.


    • Production and Delivery Time

    Gobo projector: 5-7 working days for delivery.

    Glass Gobo:

    • 1-COLOR: around 1-2 days for production after gobo design confirmed, 3-5 days for delivery.
    • 2-COLORS: around 1-2 days for production after gobo design confirmed, 3-5 days for delivery.
    • 3-COLORS: around 2-3 days for production after gobo design confirmed, 3-5 days for delivery.
    • FULL COLORS: around 3-5 days for production after design confirmed, 3-5 days for delivery.

    You may request for expedited delivery at an additional cost to you by contacting us after placing your order. However, it is not guaranteed that the necessary change will be made to your order in time.


    • Additional Costs

    Orders outside the USA may incur additional shipping costs, import duties and taxes which are liabilities of the buyer.

    Installation & Operation

    Installation for projector
    • Put the projector base to the installation, and drill screws through the hole of the base until the base is firmly fixed.
    • Rotate the base to adjust the projecting direction.
    • Then twist the lens and rotate slowly until the picture is clear, then tighten the ring on the lens to press the waterproof rubber ring for protection.


    Do not install the machine under the following conditions!!!

    • Badly-ventilated places

      Good ventilation should be maintained. Please do not put the machine in the place that may plug the vent, or cover the body of the machine in case of the internal heat storage to affect the service life of the lamp.

      • Environment with too much dust and smoke

        Do not install the machine in the environment with too much dust and smoke to prevent the dust from the lens to affect the projection effect.

        • Indoor lamps cannot be exposed to the rain; please pay attention to the waterproof measures if it is installed under the eaves or canopy.
        • The projector should not be disassembled by Non-professionals. If you need to carry out operations such as replacing the gobo, before that please be sure to cut off the power switch and cool it for 5 to 10 minutes to avoid being burnt.


        Installation for gobo

        If you need to replace the gobo by yourself, you need to undo the screws on front cover, take down the semicircle spring snap ring and put the front of the gobo facing inside  (the back of the gobo facing yourself), then place the snap ring into the disc and use the snap ring  to clamp tightly the gobo. Pay attention to the strength in case of crushing the lens.


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