3D Hologram Fan Advertising Display Wi-Fi Hi-Resolution Holographic LE


About this item

🔥【High Quality Materials】:Made of high quality materials, sturdy and durable. Support general video, animation and image display.
🔥【 3D Visual Effects】:Use ultra-high-density LED rotating imaging to display the 3D visual effects of the display device. Make your advertising, new product marketing eye-catching.It can be installed by rotating or hanging on the wall, which takes up little space.
🔥【3D Holographic Advertising Projector】:Our hologram projector can clearly display the image of the product and flexibly change the advertising content. Custom video and mode editing, support memory card and mode editing software.
🔥【Strong Compatibility】:The playback screen is larger and clearer and supports multiple connections. Editing software is suitable for windows XP, for windows 7 /8/10 computer system.
🔥【OUTSTANDING SERVICE】:Our products will be shipped after strict quality inspection. Due to long-distance transportation and distribution, various unpredictable situations can occur. If it is damaged or unusable, please contact us directly and we promise to reply to you within 24 hours,and solve all your problems.

* 160° visual effect
* 3D holographic effect
* 100cm 70cm 43cm three options
* Wifi agreement
* 1024*1024 resolution ratio


    * High quality LED lamp beads
    * 1024 high quality lamp beads
    * 3D effect is better, the resolution is 1024*1024
    * the color is more realistic
    * High quality micro motor
    * High quality material
    * CNC anodized alumina
    * Better mute effect, longer service time
    * WiFi stable transmission
    * WiFi transmission products 365° 3D display effect


      * display six languages, including Chinese, English, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Japanese


      Actual Display




      Projection Range For ReferenceGobo Projector Mult. Beam

      Gobo Projector Installation Angle


      Model Beam
      (Project diameter of image = Projection distance * n)
      Default Mult.
      ST-15(15W) 0.25 none
      ST-40(40W) 0.25
      DS-20(20W) 0.35 Indoor: 0.2, 1.1-1.4(zoom)
      Outdoor: 0.2, 1.1
      DS-40(40W) 0.35
      DS-80(80W) 0.35
      DS-150(150W) 0.35
      DS-200(200W) 0.35
      LE-65(65W) 0.2 0.1, 0.3, 0.4, 0.8
      (LE-H80 not support 0.8)
      LE-80(80W) 0.2
      LE-H80(80W) 0.2
      LE-120(120W) 0.2
      LE-200(200W) 0.2
      Model Bright Dim Dark
      ST-15(15W) 10ft 15ft 20ft
      ST-40(40W) 20ft 40ft 60ft
      DS-20(20W) 10ft 17ft 23ft
      DS-40(40W) 20ft 33ft 43ft
      DS-80(80W) 27ft 43ft 59ft
      DS-150(150W) 50ft 82ft 115ft
      DS-200(200W) 66ft 105ft 148ft
      LE-30(30W) 16ft 20ft 29ft
      LE-65(65W) 45ft 65ft 130ft
      LE-80(80W) 65ft 130ft 260ft
      LE-H80(80W) 65ft 130ft 260ft
      LE-120(120W) 130ft 260ft 390ft
      LE-200(200W) 260ft 390ft 450ft



      How to choose a suitable gobo projector?

      For each model, we have the best distance for your reference. You can choose the power according to your projecting distance and brightness of the environment. Then you can decide the features, such as static or rotating indoor or outdoor, etc.

      How to Order your Custom Gobo from instagobo.com

      Step 1: Please gather the following information prior to proceed your order:
      • Supply the original artwork or HD picture to us. The best file format for gobo production is vector format (such as EPS, AI). High-resolution images ( photos more than 2000 pixels are fine for the final design) just do fine.  (Email: support@instagobo.com)
      • Our designer edits the raw file to be finished available artwork.
      • Send to our gobo technology dept. to produce the gobo.
      • Gobo type: Glass
      Step 2: Place the order online directly, no need to create an account to login.
      Step 3: We will process your order and ship the custom gobo to you after the gobo design confirmed.

      WHY the glass gobo?

       A "Gobo" is a stencil or template placed inside or in front of a light source to control the shape of the emitted light. The term "gobo" is an acronym that stands for "GOes Before Optics", describing the location where it needs to be positioned in the light path of a lighting fixture. Gobos can be used for multiple projects; for example they can project breakup patterns to create texture on walls or even project your company logo.
      There are two types of gobos: steel and glass.
      Here are numerous benefits with glass gobos, one having a long life span. One more benefit of glass is that complicated images can be generated with very excellent quality. One more advantage is glass will certainly not distort or melt when used continuously.
      Notice: We recommend all gobos with image size outer diameter 37.5mm to fit in glass gobo.

      How do you determine the number of colors for glass gobos? 

      One - Color: Color + White OR Black

      Two - ColorsColor + Color + White or Black background

      Three Colors: Color + Color + Color + Black OR Black

      Full Colors:  Four Colors or more


      How long did it take to get glass gobos?

      The glass gobo usually takes 3-4 working days to manufacture and 3~5 days for delivery. Instagobo.com only use courier services (such as DHL, FedEx, UPS) to arrange the shipment.

      Free shipping for products below 6kg. Over 6kg requires additional shipping charges.

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