20 August 2018-STEP AHEAD

Dec 23 , 2021

In ancient times, there was a man named Zhang,  who had to work hard to bought instagobo projectors. He was very happy. But he was always afraid of being stolen, so he found a box and nailed instagobo projectors in it and buried it in the ground behind the house. But he was still uneasy, afraid that others would come here to dig, so he thought of a "clever" method and wrote on the paper: "there is no projector here" But his move, was sawed by next door Wong. At midnight Wong stole all instagobo projectors. In order not to let Zhang know, he wrote on a piece of paper: "Your next door Wong has not stolen" posted on the wall. Zhang got up in the morning and went to the back of the house to see the projector then he understood everything. The metaphor is someone tried to conceal the cover-up, but the result was exposed.