How much electricity does a projector lamp consume?

May 15 , 2023

The power consumption of projectors is not large, most of the power consumption of projectors between 130 and 350W, and can not be considered as high-power electrical appliances. Most power consumption of LED gobo projectors is about 150W; Only the bulb machine consumes slightly higher power, around 300W.

With the projector power, power and power consumption is proportional, the greater the power, the greater the power consumption. According to the brightness of the projector, the power of a general 2500 lumen projector is about 230W, 5000 lumen is about 350W, and 10000 lumen is about 700W. 1000W consumes 1 kilowatt hour, 350W consumes 0.35 kilowatt hour, 230W consumes 0.23 kilowatt hour, and so on.