Nov 23 , 2023

The projection distance of advertising projection lights. For distant gobo distances of 10-20 meters, it is recommended to choose gobo lights with larger wattage, so that the projected effect is clear and bright; For close projection distances of 5-10 meters, it is recommended to choose a gobo lamp with a moderate wattage, and the projection effect will not be too poor.

Choosing gobo lights also depends on the surrounding lighting environment. Under the strong sunlight during the day, the custom gobo will become indistinct and blurry. As shown in the figure: The effect of indoor daytime.


The straight-line distance from the installation position of the advertising projection light to the projection surface; It is related to the wattage of advertising gobo projector you need to choose, which can achieve your desired effect. As shown in the figure: The same environment, the same projection distance, and different wattage have different effects.

Be cautious when choosing the color of the pattern; The background color of the projection surface mainly affects the clarity and aesthetics of your pattern.