The story of a boy who I met online.

Jan 15 , 2024

Selena is the Gobo designer of Instagobo. She told us a story about her last week.


She always uploads gobo images of her design into her Instagram over the weekend. Once she uploaded the image, a guy asked her, “What it is.”


The guy name Brian. He had never seen the light projected by the gobo projector, so he was very curious about gobo image and ask how to make a gobo from Selena.


Brian has always been looking for the kind of pattern projection, no doubt that he finally became our customer. In his conversation with Selena, they know each other and they finally become a couple!


Actually, Brian is a coffee shop owner and hope to make his coffee shop look less monotonous. He wants to increase something different to his coffee shop. The design of his coffee shop is British style. It is outdated for the customers who often go to the cafe, so Brian custom a Chinese-style gobo for use in his coffee shop.


A month later, the number of customers entering the store has increased by 50%, and the offline and online sales of coffee exceeded the previous 12%. He shouts out that, “the charm of the combination of Chinese and Western is so great! I like Chinese culture!”


Gobo application

  1. Gobo is not limited to brand promotion but also can be applied to the daily household life, such as children's bedroom. As many parents want to cultivate their kid’s independence, they let them sleep alone in the bedroom at night.


kids will inevitably be afraid of the dark environment. Parent provides a gyrate gobo projector and lovely pattern can create a variety of warm spirt. With this facility to accompany the kids through the long night, they will not feel lonely and afraid.


  1. Gobo can also be applied to family parties and cocktail parties. Some family organizes various activities for a long time. Due to a large number of participants and the relatively chaotic scenes, using the logo projector to make various signs indoors in advance, such as bathroom signage, kitchen signage, etc.