40W Indoor/Outdoor Static/Gyrate Gobo Projector | INSTAGOBO
1 1 1
15W Indoors / Outdoors Upgrade 20W Indoors 20W Indoors 50W Indoors / Outdoors
Lumens 1600 1600 1600 4000
Projection Range Bright - 10ft Bright - 10ft Bright - 10ft Bright - 20ft
Dim - 17ft Dim - 17ft Dim - 17ft Dim - 33ft
Dark - 23ft Dark - 23ft Dark - 23ft Dark - 43ft
Effect Satic Static Satic Static & Rotating
Waterproof IP65 IP20 IP20 IP65
Remote Control × ×
Net Weight 1.7KG 1.3KG 1.3KG 2.1KG

Projection Range For ReferenceGobo Projector Mult. Beam

Gobo Projector Installation Angle


Model Beam
(Project diameter of image = Projection distance * n)
Default Mult.
ST-15(15W) 0.25 none
ST-40(40W) 0.25
DS-20(20W) 0.35 Indoor: 0.2, 1.1-1.4(zoom)
Outdoor: 0.2, 1.1
DS-40(40W) 0.35
DS-80(80W) 0.35
DS-150(150W) 0.35
DS-200(200W) 0.35
LE-65(65W) 0.2 0.1, 0.3, 0.4, 0.8
(LE-H80 not support 0.8)
LE-80(80W) 0.2
LE-H80(80W) 0.2
LE-120(120W) 0.2
LE-200(200W) 0.2
Model Bright Dim Dark
ST-15(15W) 10ft 15ft 20ft
ST-40(40W) 20ft 40ft 60ft
DS-20(20W) 10ft 17ft 23ft
DS-40(40W) 20ft 33ft 43ft
DS-80(80W) 27ft 43ft 59ft
DS-150(150W) 50ft 82ft 115ft
DS-200(200W) 66ft 105ft 148ft
LE-30(30W) 16ft 20ft 29ft
LE-65(65W) 45ft 65ft 130ft
LE-80(80W) 65ft 130ft 260ft
LE-H80(80W) 65ft 130ft 260ft
LE-120(120W) 130ft 260ft 390ft
LE-200(200W) 260ft 390ft 450ft

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Jordan C.
United States United States

Good, not great.

This is a good product that has given us some extra pop for our events. But the lens/face is difficult to remove and replace, and you have to take it off every time you set up the instrument. The nob on the stand broke after 10 uses, one of the lens/face screws came apart after the 7th use. I've had to do a lot of doctoring to keep it event ready, it's not as user-freindly as I would have hoped.


Great product!

Great product. I'm glad I spent the extra money to get a higher quality projector. I was worried the cheaper ones wouldn't throw a sharp and crisp image from a farther distance or be bright enough to give me and my clients the quality I want. I didn't want to take that risk, and I'm glad I didn't. This has raised my value as a DJ and lighting tech. It was a great investment.

Merle P.


Took this out to a few small scale gigs and was absolutely perfect with several members of the public commenting how good the effect looked. Used it at home during the festive season due to having a high ceiling too. Not had the chance to try it at larger scale gigs but feel judging on the small ones it may be able to do the job. Highly recommended especially for those on a lower budget.

Blithe F.

Excellent effect

Whether its pinspotting a table, lighting up a dark area, or spot lighting the 1st dance - this light does it. Great light, highly recommend especially for classy events where whites, ambers and warm whites are being used.

Violet E.


The projection is better than the one I bought at another company, who uses the plastic gobo for projection. And this one is waterproof, that's what I need.

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