Here are some variations and uses of gobo projectors:

Jan 15 , 2024

A gobo projector, or "go-between optics," is a lighting device that projects a design or pattern onto a surface. It typically consists of a light source, such as an LED or incandescent lamp, and a lens system that allows you to insert custom-made metal or glass slides called gobos. These gobos have cut-out designs, logos, or patterns, and when the light passes through them, the projected image appears on a wall, floor, or other surfaces.

gobo light projector rental

  1. Gobo Light Projector: This is a general term for a projector that uses gobos to project patterns or images.

  2. Outdoor Gobo Projector: Specifically designed for outdoor use, these projectors are often more durable and weather-resistant.

  3. LED Gobo Projector: Utilizes LED technology as the light source, offering energy efficiency and sometimes color-changing capabilities.

  4. Gobo Projector Rental: Some businesses or individuals may offer gobo projectors for rent, allowing temporary use for events or special occasions.

  5. Custom Logo Gobo Projector: These projectors allow you to project a custom-designed logo or image, adding a personalized touch to events or branding.

gobo projector lens

In summary, a gobo projector is a versatile lighting tool commonly used in events, parties, weddings, and commercial settings to create dynamic and customizable light displays.