What is the ground interactive projection that combines VR, AR, MR and other technologies?

Nov 23 , 2023

Some of the people you see in shopping malls walk under the projection, grow flowers step by step, or leave footprints in the snow, which are made by interactive projection on the ground. There are many ways of ground interactive projection products, and they have been widely used in museums, science and technology museums, corporate exhibition halls, playgrounds, large shopping malls, animation cities, cinemas and other places.

What is Ground Interactive Projection?

The ground interactive projection system is an interactive projection project integrating virtual simulation technology and image recognition technology. The audience interacts with the images on the ground through body movements, and various special effects images bloom under their feet, bringing a new and unique experience.

The principle of ground interactive projection

The ground interactive projection uses a projection device suspended on the top to project the image effect onto the ground. When the visitor walks to the projection area, through the system identification, the visitor can directly use their feet or actions to interact with the virtual scene on the projection screen , the interaction effect will change accordingly with your footsteps.



Ground Beach.

Using the interactive projection on the ground to create the effect of the beach, the waves will also have different effects with the pace of people, just like walking on a real beach. You can also feel a touch of seaside atmosphere indoors.


Types of ground interactive projections

maple leaf.

Restaurants and hotel lobbies are used more, and such an area is set up at the entrance, so that people will be attracted by the unique "scenery" as soon as they enter.



 Walking on such a "flower road", every step is a step by step, and the beautiful artistic conception makes people linger and forget to return, just like walking on a country road. Used in various exhibitions, it can not only enhance the atmosphere of the scene, improve the quality of the event, but also attract the audience to participate in the interaction.



Ground piano.

 Turn the original ordinary ground into piano keys. When people enter the interactive area and step on the keys, the system will recognize and automatically emit moving sounds, making sounds step by step, and experience the realistic piano playing process.


The ground interactive projection can turn any bland floor area into a magical place for exciting real-time interaction. It is a unique integrated design in interactive projection, easy to build and control, and easy to use.

The ground interactive projection can meet the exhibition needs of various industries with advanced technology, new display methods and personalized interactive modes, so as to achieve a better effect of attracting customers. INSTAGOBO can customize the size and shape of the interaction area according to the needs of each specific customer.