How to Order your Custom Gobo from instagobo.com

Step 1: Please gather the following information prior to proceed your order:

Supply the original artwork or HD picture to us  (Email: instagobo@outlook.com)

Our designer edits the raw file to be finished available artwork.

Send to our gobo technology dept. to produce the gobo.

Gobo type: Glass


Step 2: Place the order online directly, no need to create an account to login.

Step 3: We will process your order and ship the custom gobo to you after the gobo design confirmed.

What is the glass gobo?

Glass gobos, on the other hand, don't require any "bridging" since they are printed directly on a piece of glass.  This allows for more detail and can even include multiple colors printed directly on the gobo.  Unlike steel gobos, glass gobos have different levels depending on the number of colors you require.  The most cost effective is a simple Black & White Glass Gobo which is similar to a steel gobo but doesn't require “bridging".

Beyond grayscale glass gobos, there are also 1-color, 2-color, 3-color, and full-color glass gobos.  Please note that while white light is not considered a color, the black blocking plate is.  This means if you wanted a logo with both blue and white light you would need a 2-color glass gobo (blue color + black blocking plate).  While it's possible to make a gobo without this black blocking plate it will result in a washed out logo.

Notice: We recommend all gobos with image size outer diameter 37.5mm to fit in glass gobo.

How do you determine the number of colors for glass gobos? (More information about colored glass gobos please see below)
One - Color: Any standard color + White OR Black
Two - Colors: - Color + Color + Black
                      - Color + Black and White
Three Colors: - Color + Color + Color + Black
                      - Color + Color + Black and White
Full Colors: - Four Colors or more

What kind of artwork format do you accept? 
The best file format for gobo production is vector format (such as EPS, AI). High-resolution images ( photos more than 2000 pixels are fine for the final design) just do fine.

Can I email artwork for gobos? 
Yes. You can send art files attached to our email. We can open with the following extensions: .tiff; .pcx; .eps; .pdf; .jpeg; .psd; .bmp. Do not use any compression software. Send artwork to instagobo@outlook.com

Can I order your products & services online?
Yes, you can place your online order at instagobo.com

What is your turnaround time?
We understand that it is critical for you to have the gobo in time for the event. Our regular turnaround time varies with gobo types as detailed below:

1-COLOR: around 1-2 business days for production after gobo design confirmed, 3-5 business days for delivery.

2-COLORS: around 1-2 business days for production after gobo design confirmed, 3-5 business days for delivery.

3-COLORS: around 2-3 business days for production after gobo design confirmed, 3-5 business days for delivery.

FULL COLORS: around 2-3 business days for production after design confirmed, 3-5 business days for delivery.

Shipping Information
Instagobo.com only use courier services (such as DHL, FedEx, UPS) to arrange the shipment. Our prices do include shipping.

Important Note
Before signing for any trucking delivery, examine all items for signs of damage. If any damage is found, make certain the delivering agent notes the damage on the release form. Please Email Us of the damage immediately, so a claim can be made.

Sales Tax and/or import duties.

Customers will be charged with respective sales taxes based on shipping address (No tax is collected from USA shipping addresses).

Customers are responsible for all shipping duties, customs charges or any other fees that may not know at the time of shipment.

Forms of Payment
Please be advised customers will be charged in US Dollars. 
instagobo.com accepts Paypal, and bank wired transfer (Orders are processed upon receipt and verification of payment).

We require 100% upfront payment for all custom gobo orders and product sales.
We require security deposit for equipment rentals and full payment upon equipment delivery.

How to choose a suitable gobo projector?

For each model, we have the best distance for your reference. You can choose the power according to your projecting distance and brightness of the environment. Then you can decide the features, such as static or rotating indoor or outdoor, etc.

If I can buy the gobo here?

Of course. We can make the gobo from single-color to full-color. Just provide us the photo in PDF or AI format.

If the gobo is already included? If I wanted to make a custom design for a wedding or corporate event, how would I be able to do that?

There is no gobo included. You need to contact us info@instagobo.com to customize your gobo. It’s free for one-color gobo. Or you can Google some local company who can make gobo nearby.

If I want to customize the gobo, how long can I get it? And if I need to pay for it?

When we confirm your pattern, it takes 1~2 days to produce the gobo, then we will send it to you by express. It’s free for one-color gobo.