5 creative ways to use gobo lighting at your wedding

Dec 23 , 2021

The right lighting can set the mood throughout your special day, create memorable moments, and subtly draw guests’ attention to the next important event. Lighting, however, can go far beyond strings of tiny white lights and hanging lanterns. Gobos can be used to project custom images onto most any surface.

Here are five creative ways to light up your wedding using custom or catalog gobo design that will enhance the venue, highlight each special moment, and create an atmosphere that reflects the couple’s unique style:

1. Light up the dance floor – Draw wedding guests out on the dance floor with fun, eye-catching lighting. The right lighting rig and a few well-placed motion projectors can throw patterns and colored light across the floor, attracting even the shyest guest to dance.

Instagobo Custom dance projector

2. Decorate the dining area – Using custom wedding gobos to illuminate the dining area can be a great alternative to expensive flower arrangements and other decorations. With customizable patterns, a couple can easily incorporate their theme into the lighting and ensure their guests are eating in style.

Instagobo Custom wedding projector

3. Transform a room – Use large washes of patterns across the walls and/or ceiling of your venue to complement your chosen theme. Try a wave-like pattern for an ocean wedding or delicate leaves and the silhouettes of trees for something more rustic. You can even feel like you’re dancing under the stars by lighting up the ceiling with a projected starry night. Just make sure for this type of projection that you work with a lighting professional – patterns projected across larger areas require multiple projectors and lighting expertise.

Instagobo Custom projector gobo

4. Put your monogram in lights – This classic way to use wedding gobos never goes out of style. Project the bride & groom’s initials in a custom or catalog font above the main entrance or on the floor of the reception hall. You can also use the projection as a way to draw guests’ attention to a certain part of the room, such as the wall above the wedding cake.

Instagobo Custom projector gobo logo

5. Highlight the grand exit – Make sure no one misses the bride and groom’s exit by putting them in the spotlight. A few special effects lights and the right images can turn the closing of the reception into a memorable fanfare.

Instagobo Custom gobo projector


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