Customized Projection Patterns

Feb 27 , 2024

Customized Projection Patterns

InstaGobo excels in providing tailored projection patterns. Specify your requirements, and we'll customize the perfect design to elevate your branding or messaging.

Projection Distance and Angle Flexibility

gobo light

Consider the straight-line and oblique projection distances from the lamp's installation to the target surface. InstaGobo supports versatile projection angles, ensuring adaptable installations.

Projected Pattern Size and Surface Background Color

Analyzing the desired size of the projected pattern and the surface's background color is crucial. InstaGobo considers on-site conditions to optimize the projection's visual impact.

Environmental Light Intensity

gobo lighting

Assess the light intensity in the installation environment: whether dark, weak, medium-strong, or strong. InstaGobo's lamps are designed to perform optimally across varying light conditions.

Lamp Model Specifications

Specify any specific requirements for the lamp model. InstaGobo offers diverse models to suit unique preferences and installation scenarios.

Power vs. Projection Ratios

  • 5W LED: Ideal for distances within 2.0 to 3 meters in darker environments.
  • 10W LED: Suitable for distances within 3.5 to 6 meters in low-light conditions.
  • 20W LED: Optimal for ranges between 7 to 15 meters in dimly lit areas.
  • 30W LED: Effective for distances spanning 10 to 25 meters in low-light settings.