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  1. Please kindly send Name of the Bride and the Groom / Wedding Date / Letters Color / Font to
  2. Wait for the proof and confirm the final design.
  3. Choose the right size and place the order.
  4. 2-5 business days for production and 3-4 business days for delivery.
  • If you have your own monogram design and would like to upload the artwork file, please order here.



      • Size E: 2 working days for production and 3-4 days for delivery.
      • Other sizes: 2-5 working days for production and 3-4 days for delivery. 
      • The preferred carrier is DHL Express.
      • The turnaround time reference form is based on the United State. For other regions, please contact



        • can manufacture gobo to any size specification.
        • Instagobo standard size: size E
        • When placing an order a gobo slide, please provide us with the brand and model of the projector utilized. You may also provide us with the diameter of the gobo and the diameter of the image field.

        Projection Range For ReferenceGobo Projector Mult. Beam

        Gobo Projector Installation Angle


        Model Beam
        (Project diameter of image = Projection distance * n)
        Default Mult.
        ST-15(15W) 0.25 none
        ST-40(40W) 0.25
        DS-20(20W) 0.35 Indoor: 0.2, 1.1-1.4(zoom)
        Outdoor: 0.2, 1.1
        DS-40(40W) 0.35
        DS-80(80W) 0.35
        DS-150(150W) 0.35
        DS-200(200W) 0.35
        LE-65(65W) 0.2 0.1, 0.3, 0.4, 0.8
        (LE-H80 not support 0.8)
        LE-80(80W) 0.2
        LE-H80(80W) 0.2
        LE-120(120W) 0.2
        LE-200(200W) 0.2
        Model Bright Dim Dark
        ST-15(15W) 10ft 15ft 20ft
        ST-40(40W) 20ft 40ft 60ft
        DS-20(20W) 10ft 17ft 23ft
        DS-40(40W) 20ft 33ft 43ft
        DS-80(80W) 27ft 43ft 59ft
        DS-150(150W) 50ft 82ft 115ft
        DS-200(200W) 66ft 105ft 148ft
        LE-30(30W) 16ft 20ft 29ft
        LE-65(65W) 45ft 65ft 130ft
        LE-80(80W) 65ft 130ft 260ft
        LE-H80(80W) 65ft 130ft 260ft
        LE-120(120W) 130ft 260ft 390ft
        LE-200(200W) 260ft 390ft 450ft
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